Bahala na by francisco icasiano

As sticks against sticks clacked fiercely, the air smelled faintly of burning rattan. Manong Leo watched the men as he sat on a bench in the shade of a gnarled fig tree, leaning his wrists on a baston.

Bahala na by francisco icasiano

History In early 's, Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines - the gang was established by Divino Talastas, a native of Bulacan, born in early 's, who moved with his siblings in Sampaloc. Before the forming of the gang, he has a brother known as "Emong", at an early age ofwas most feared in the area, who was notorious in targeting, killing police officers which rooted from his early trouble with the police, when he was arrested, tortured including electricuting his genitalallegedly, in order to secure his conviction.

When Emong was released, he became the top enemy for the police, numerous murdered policemen soon followed. However, the authority soon found his whereabout and shot him at the age of The 5-year-old brother witnessed how his dead body moves while the gunshots continues.

This event would have an impact to Emong's siblings, one is Divino Diving as what he was known in the area. After Emong's death, there was a struggle for territorial power as to who would lead.

Another gang tried to take control - Sige-Sige Gang. The main goal is merely to protect them from terror from other gangs. As years passed by, the BNG, spread throughout the Islands, often, members never knew who founded the gang in the first place.

There was never a rule to follow on how to join the gang. A classic example on how something small could spread like fire and by the time it happens, many members to the gang were doing all kinds of criminal activities.

Divino himself was a regular to Iwahig Prison, but when he resides there, he will hold a top post among inmates, as their "mayor".

Bahala na by francisco icasiano

Before he died, Divino himself told his story to few people he knew as he reached his old age. He died in early 80's. He was abducted and when his body was found inside the sack floating in the river, it is believed that he was tortured, and died a horrible death.

Younger ambitious members are used to back up the drug trafficking and weapon trafficking operations of the gang bosses. Younger members, however, are the ones most likely to commit violent acts to prove themselves.Abrescy Icasiano is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Abrescy Icasiano and others you may know.

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From there, young Pacpaco sailed to San Francisco High School. Former Head Chef at The Krusty Krab. Went to San Francisco High School. Lives in Makati. See Photos. Zarah Michelle L Lorenzo (Bahala na haha) Works at Centennial School of the Philippines.

Went to Centennial School of the Philippines.

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The Satanas Gang (aka Ese Te Ese or STS) is a Filipino American street gang in Southern California, founded in It is believed to be oldest and original Filipino American street gang in Los Angeles. [1] History. In , a car club group started in the Los Angeles area by some Filipino Americans [2] who had formed a cultural bond where they were a

Bahala na by francisco icasiano
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