The price theory of coca cola company

We are a global business that operates on a local scale, in every community where we do business. We are able to create global reach with local focus because of the strength of the Coca-Cola system, which comprises our Company and our nearly bottling partners worldwide. The Coca-Cola system is not a single entity from a legal or managerial perspective, and the Company does not own or control all of our bottling partners. While many view our Company as simply "Coca-Cola," our system operates through multiple local channels.

The price theory of coca cola company

The author will make analysis of these theories, with an application to the attitudes and The price theory of coca cola company decisions of The Soft-Drinks Manufacturer. There are many benefits of doing this, as the product will more likely meet the needs of their targeted audience, therefore consumers will be more willing to by the product, there is more of a guarantee the product will sale.

However in previous decades, many businesses have opted for a product-orientation approach, this is when a company is more concerned with the production of the product, and the systems that are used in its production. The Timesn. According to the source, many companies like Coca-Cola are moving towards market customer and product orientation, in doing this Coca-Cola conduct marketing research to find out their consumer interests and desires, in finding this they will make amends to the production of their product depending on what the results show the marketing managers.

Brassington, Petttitt, According to sources, the Food Standard Agency had in recent years opted for Drink companies to sell their fizzy drinks in smaller quantities, this was in response to the ongoing obesity crisis in the United Kingdom. Brassington, Petttitt, during Coca-Cola had suffered from economic influences due to the crunch, in which it was estimated that their Bottled water products were experiencing less demand, in key markets such as the US and Europe.

Anon, How Coca-Cola responded to the influences. Anon, Other influences that can be either positive or negative include government policy, taxation, and interest rates. Brassington, Pettitt, In regard to product of products, technology has also helped increase the product quality, which is important to a company such as Coca-Cola who may focus on product-orientation.

Hannaford, Technology has also helped the advancement of more opportunities for promoting the Coca-Cola brand; the company has opened an online website and has been able to advertise on internet websites which would help increase brand awareness.

To conclude most of these regulations that have jurisdiction over Coca-Colas operates are enforced by law to act as regulators, other regulatory bodies include, trade associations, the EU and the local and national parliament.

Brassington, Petttitt, Marketing Mix The marketing mix strategy is a marketing tool used by many businesses, it helps managers develop their product to suit their customer needs, the tool helps the business set pricing strategies and promotional strategies which are variable, meaning that the company can make changes to their mix to match the external influences such as the economic downturn, the marketing mix is controllable itself, it allows Coca-Cola to adapt more efficiently to environmental influences of the market.

Palmer,Why is it needed? Palmer, Product For Coca-cola, their main product on offer is soft drinks. With regard to the production of the soft drink itself, the main element to their products on offer is Coca-Cola.

The Coca-Cola company is an international global business, and has more than just one product within the soft-drinks market, other products include Fanta and Sprite all owned by the Coca-Cola Company.

It can be intangible a service or tangible, in this case Coca-Cola are providing tangible products. This mix will allow the Soft drinks company to moderate the quality, packaging, quantity of size, all to satisfy their consumers.

The moderation is important, it allows Coca-Cola to design for instance their Packaging for different seasons, such as the Christmas season in which they make changing to the style in order to get people into the Christmas spirit, this encourage sells, it demonstrates the changes in the mix allows the company to keep up with marketing opportunities in the marketing environment, it also helps develop their brand image.

Palmer, Place Distribution This mix, allows The Coca Cola Company to make sure their products are available in convenient places, wherever the consumer prefers to purchase the items, it allows the company to make new distributions, if their marketing research suggest their target audience prefer to purchase their items in new places.

In marketing distributional decisions, markets must focus on whether the costs of such distribution is affordable and how close the customers are to receiving the product.

Marketing managers have an option to adopt strategies such as direct and selective distribution, Coca-Cola products are available in large supermarkets and vending machines, this indicates an intensive distribution, as it is available anywhere at any time 24hr petrol shops anyplace.

Recommendation for efficient distributional channel Coca Cola distributes their products to a wide variety of retailers; therefore this would indicate a need for an efficient management of distribution.

Brassington, Petttitt, The company as a manufacturer would need to deal with stock controlling, transporting their soft drinks products, and finding warehouse facilities for their products.

Pricing This is the most important mix of all, it is important as adopting the wrong pricing strategy would lead to a loss of profits, however a good pricing strategy, which is affordable to target customers would lead to higher turnover for The Coca Cola Company.

The Pricing mix varies from other Ps, as the other mainly evolves around company expenditure decisions. In this current period, along with their competitive strategy the firm has also had to make les expenditure on their manufacturing process, and more expenditure on their advertising to keep consumer interest from rivals.

If it is set too low, volume targets may be by achieved, but no profit earned. Palmer, the pricing strategy is also variable, the company can make on-going changes to their pricing strategy, however such a minor difference can cause a significant change to revenue, e.

Lower or higher profits. Brassington, Petttitt, Promotion This mix is used to help with the communication of the companies brand to the customers, through sale promotional strategies, sponsorship and through PR Public Relations. This mix helps Coca-Cola decide on their advertising expenditure. Palmer, Promotional Decisions The promotional strategies along with product and distributional strategy all need to be considered together in order for the company to make better decisions in their mix, it all lies down to evidence, which should give good estimations on their customers likely spending habits and where to target these customers.

Boy, JR, Walker, JR, This kind of mass media advertising is essential, as most of their customers are likely targeted this way, it helps keep up their brand image, and in attracting new potential customers. Free tasters are also a good strategy as the company brings out new versions of its drinks; this will lead to a new consumer base, and will help generate more loyalty.

SWOT Analysis This is the study of strengths, weaknesses and threats SWOT This is analysis is needed so that Managers can understand the main threats and opportunities, it helps to get an overall view as to whether the business is profitable or not. It helps with the anticipation of future developments for the company.

Coke sells more than brands of beverages. The company operates five geographic segments: They believe that volume will be by the fast-growing markets and improvement in North America.

In order for a business to survive weaknesses need to be identified and then appropriate cautions will need to be put in place so that, any weaknesses are reduced significantly so that they no longer pose a disadvantage to the company.The Price theory of Coca-Cola Company Coca-Cola is a well-recognized soft drink brand in United States.

According reports from Coca-Cola in Coca-Cola Company sells its product around the world in more than countries and has a product portfolio of more than 35, drinks. Theory of elasticity for Coca Cola is the related to the price elasticity of demand and price elasticity of supply.

The Coca cola is measures how the responsive of quantity5/5(6). The Coca-Cola Company is a monopoly, because Coca-Cola has the ability to affect market prices through its actions.

Despite the report from the Web of Coca-Cola, Coke has been a firm leader in the U.S. carbonated drinks market, with . The market type of the Coca-Cola Company The Coca-Cola Company is a monopoly, because Coca-Cola has the ability to affect market prices through its actions.

The price theory of coca cola company

Despite the report from the Web of Coca - Cola, Coke has been a firm leader in the U.S. carbonated drinks . Coca-Cola is a well-recognized soft drink brand in United States. According reports from Coca-Cola in Coca-Cola Company sells its product around the world in more than countries and has a product portfolio of more than 35, drinks.

In this regard, the study begins by giving an introduction to the Coca-Cola Company and proceeds to an in-depth description of the two theories and an analysis of the Coca-Cola company models of functions and the role played by the modernism theory and the post modernism theory.

The Coca-Cola System: The Coca-Cola Company